Who is Nutristar

Nutristar is the export division of CCPA, a French multinational group with an international reach to more than 40 countries. The CCPA group had been established in 1966, with a worldwide production of 7 million tons of feed using CCPA technologies (2015). Its Research and Development budget (2015) was €3.4 million, cumulating into more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers but more importantly, providing its clients with differentiation, performance and profitability.

Purposes of CCPA product and research development are:

*Improvement of feed efficiency and optimisation of animal production

* Formulation of natural solutions, based on innovative phyto-expertise

*Reduction of negative environmental impacts

*Preventive management oh animal health through nutrition


Research and Development

*CCPA consists of a specialist team of more than 60 engineers, animal scientists, formulators, technologists, statisticians and veterinarians.

*EURONUTRITION SAS is the leading private European experimental centre for monogastric animals. Here R & D not only focuses on product development, but also on general animal nutrition to create data bases for nutrition formulators to optimise animal production.

*ARTEMIS, a certified research and analysis laboratory dedicated to animal nutrition and health



To be the main producer of healthy animals through nutrition in Southern Africa in a cost-effective and sustainable manner to all our clients


To be the leading specialists in animal nutrition and health, aiming to help our clients to enhance their performance through technical expertise, innovation and after sale service.

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