The ruminant animal sector (cattle, goats, sheep …) is an important part of our business. In France, it is more than 30% of the market, positioning our group as a leader.

Nutristar International develops original and new nutritional methods and concepts to optimize the flora or strengthen the immune defenses of animals, to increase the productions and their health.


Nutristar International has about thirty “control” farms. Moreover, its membership in many networks involved in the ruminant sector and its establishment in many foreign countries allow Nutristar International to benefit from a very wide experience.

Many products have been noticed, awarded and have received citations in the context of competitions for innovation and success. The awarding of these prizes demonstrates the vitality and constant innovation of Nutristar International (Inel d’Or, Innov Space …).

Nutristar International has an answer and a solution to your problem in dairy cows, cattle for fattening, goats and sheep.


Turboviv :

  • *Dairy and Beef
  • *Improves production (milk/ growth) and decreases feed cost
  • *Reduces Methane production and N excretion (environmental)
  • *Antibiotic Free

Axion® Thermoplus

  • Dairy and Beef
  • Relieves heat stress
  • Stimulates feed intake
  • Reduces basal heat production (respiration rate)
  • Could Improve milk production by 1.5 L in heat stress conditions

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