High temperatures: support animals’ performance with efficient solutions!

Animals are very sensitive to ambient temperature and humidity, especially when their production levels are high. During hot periods, they face an intense heat stress which can affect not only their health and welfare but also their growth, and may cause huge economic losses for the farmers.

To reduce heat stress consequences, CCPA Group has developed innovative solutions for ruminants, swine and poultry. These solutions, based on CCPA Group’s research (AXION® dossier), are composed with natural active ingredients. They have proven their efficiency in countries where climate conditions are often extreme.

AXION® FeedStim 

Improve growth and laying performance

During hot periods, poultry has to cope with many metabolic disturbances. These troubles cause metabolic disorders and a dramatic fall of feed intake.
In addition to hot periods, AXION® FeedStim is also used during the critical stage of laying peak in order to boost egg production.
Elaborated from a complex of natural active ingredients carefully selected, with synergistic actions, the additive premixture AXION® FeedStim is based on the phyto-expertise knowledge of CCPA Group.


AXION® FeedStim supports performance during hot periods by:

  • Reducing protein catabolism
  • Boosting feed intake
  • Improving laying rate by 2%

Maintaining the feed conversion ratio


AXION® ThermoPlus

Secure beef and dairy cattle performance

When beef and dairy cattle undergo heat stress, their body temperature and breathing rate are higher, sweating and water consumption increase. This stress leads to a decrease of feed intake, a fall of performance and acidosis risks (muscle cramps, drop of fat content…).
Thanks to the association of substances with high ruminal buffering capacity and plant extracts, the additive premixture AXION® ThermoPlus secures production and growth performance during heat stress situations.


AXION® ThermoPlus in order to fight against heat stress:

  • Maintains feed intake
  • Reduces loss of production production and growth performance thanks to the positive effect on feed intake and digestion:
    + 1 to 2 litres of milk per cow
    + 100 to 200 g of ADG for beef cattle

Improves milk fat content from1 to 3 g/l


 AXION® ThermoControl

Promote sows and fattening pigs feed intake

Swine is very sensitive to ambient temperature increase. A temperature over 25°C affects swine performance adversely: feed intake decreases and the nutritional need for milk production or growth are no more covered. Sows lose body condition and piglet weight at weaning decreases.
Thanks to natural active ingredients, the additive premixture AXION® ThermoControl improves sows body condition at weaning, which results in a longer production career for sows and a better profitability for the farm. Moreover, fattening pigs will be able to reach their potential in case of high temperatures.

Axion Sow’ax

  • Lactating sows
  • Improves milk production
  • Improves weaning weight
  • Reduces back fat loss
  • Improves fertility

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