Gerrit Ferreira
Consulting Nutritionist
B.Sc Agric (Hons), LRDP
Mobile: +27 71 492 7332

One approach overall nutrition

We validate the advice, innovations and solutions proposed in our research stations and reference farms.

We are looking for optimized solutions, not a “dry” product. We check all that is offered by our suppliers, and cross the data to offer you more than what the molecule, the raw material or the additive, alone can bring to you.

A true transparency with our customers and suppliers worldwide makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the products and the technical and economic progress of our customers.

In accordance with local legislation, with genetics and breeding practices, we are looking for the best alternative solutions: essential oils, measurement of immunity or acidity, presentation of products …

Our philosophy: at the heart of a global and productive agriculture, respectful of the environment, we develop solutions for the future around our products.

Production Site

In order to be more efficient, Nutristar International specializes its production sites according to the different product ranges. All of the sites can thus meet the expectations of customers in search of the best solutions.


It is located in Janzé, Brittany France, at the heart of French animal production. Indeed, 70% of livestock production is in the Brittany-Normandy-Pays de Loire region.

Built in 1994, it remains today one of the most modern tools in Europe for the production of premix with just over 35,000 MT manufactured in 2011.

The tool is endowed with all the certificationtions recognized internationally and issued by major inspection bodies.

Research Station

Innovation is part of our corporate culture.

The CCPA group , one of the few in Europe, owns its own research station, its own chemical and biological laboratory, its teams of researchers (30) and its analysts.
This allows him to offer:
  • Nutrition optimized technically and economically: types of enzymes, additives, substitutes to growth factor, adapted essential oils.
  • A true measure is made for each molecule, compared to the French context.

High-level programs for:

  • Life-size testing of nutrition and health solutions,
  • Be a relay between basic research and the field,
  • Economically evaluate solutions,
  • Participate in the training of men.
Useful services for breeders and technicians:
  • Rationing software,
  • Dosage technique,
  • diagnostic,
  • Measure of immunity …

A laboratory monitoring of the products and productions allowing to measure the undesirable, the oxidative and resistance levels of the cells, the biological state, the determination of an oil and its active principle …

This innovation and this research rely internally on:

  • The mastery and know-how of our laboratory, recognized internationally.
  • Operational marketing that supports our customers’ development plans.
  • An industrial process service that sets up manufacturing solutions and supports our customers in their development (factory plan, equipment advice, regulations, Iso or GMP quality training …).
  • A bibliographic service open to our customers.


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