Thanks to our experimental station, unique in Europe, and through numerous field trials that we carry out continuously, we provide solutions to our customers to obtain the best levels of performance at different stages.

Thus, we have developed an innovative range of first age (starter) and ECLA and NOVECLA starter foods. The use of these products at different stages improves the growth, quality of the meat of the animal and increases the profitability of the livestock.

With the help of our laboratory, AXISCALE and AXION programs have been set up to develop a range of products to measure and combat the oxidative stress of the animal’s cells.

Finally, our DIF (Digestibility In Farmo) program, developed by our researchers, makes it possible to approach the nutritional value of the foods offered in real farming situations.

Axion Sow’ax

  • Lactating sows
  • Improves milk production
  • Improves weaning weight
  • Reduces back fat loss
  • Improves fertility

Axion Thermocontrol

  • Lactating sows and growers
  • Relieves Heat stress
  • Stimulates feed intake (Limits feed intake loss due to heat)
  • Limits weight loss due to stress
  • Reduces respiration and basal heat production
  • Improves production


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