The poultry sector represents more than 60% of Nutristar International’s export activity and 25% of the group’s business in France.


The development and solutions we propose come directly from the trials conducted in our research farm but also from our experience in different regions of the world as well as from the expertise acquired by CCPA through its collaboration with the best French farms.

This research work is carried out at all stages of development (chick, chicken, hen, layers, chickens), according to the various channels and mode of rearing (cage, soil, open air, whether standard or label) .

The results of this research and experience have allowed the development of products such as NUCLEOR (new presentation), or a range of prestarter foods (improves muscle development: chicken breast …).


Optimization of the flora (using essential oils, plant extracts) was possible thanks to the laboratory and led to the implementation of the AXION program ( premix, adjuvants, nutritional supplements) An AXISCALE test ( measurement of oxidative stress and immunity).

This wide range of premix-concentrate-nutritional solutions enables us to work on the quality of meat, on the color and solidity of eggshells, on the optimization of rations and their proper use by animals.

The same studies and solutions are carried out and available for turkeys, ducks and game.


Finally, Nutristar International develops a wide range of poultry solutions for breeding and fattening.

Axion Feedstim

  • Layers and Broilers
  • Relieves Heat stress
  • For Broilers: Improves gain of weight and mortality from day 28 till slaughter
  • For Layers: Reduces post peak egg dip

Star Flora Digest

  • Natural alternative to AGPs
  • Broilers
  • Improves gut health
  • Improves feed conversion
  • Stimulates growth
  • Organic

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